We provide customised ship lighting solutions for the design and delivery of all types of lighting solution, including Technical Rooms, public areas and hazardous enviroments.

LED ship lighting solutions are becoming increasingly important in maritime transport, due to their potential and long-term energy savings.

The naval industry has strict requirements when it comes to ship lighting solutions.

These include colour rendering index (CRI), colour values of at least 80, light / colour uniformity, efficiency of at least 60 lm / W, warm white light of 3000K or less and long life.

Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents is also necessary, in particular for outdoor lighting.

Therefore, we provide solutions with WaterProof ceiling lights containing an internal plate on which there are a number of welded individual LED chips in proportion to the power required. The structure of the device, which is light and durable, is completely based on the use of self-extinguishing polycarbonate. The watertight LED ceiling light is perfect for replacing traditional ceiling light fixtures with fluorescent tubes.

Easy assembly and substitutability are required in order to comply with rules and regulations.